Apply gold paint can be used over numerous surfaces, offering the appearance of gold-leaf at a fraction of the cost compared to gold sheet. The coating consists of a flexible, outdoor weatherproofing coating with a gold-leaf finish effect. The cured coating is an extremely tough material that has a stunning golden finish with exceptional elasticity.

This approach is such a good alternative solution to gold leafing and ideally for accent projects in gardens and home decor projects. Clear coat adds further luster to your application of gold paint and protects the coating from aging. But some artistic products may require matte surface finish.


Ideal for new and previously painted surfaces purposely fordecoration and protection of surfaces such as metal fixtures, cement, wood, advertising materials, PVC, paper, sculpture, statue, art & craft, ceramic, plaster, fiberglass, polystyrene, wall, stones and clay.
• Ideal for D.I.Y
• Water-resistant and anti rust
• Excellent colour retention
• Strength & good durability
• Easy to apply, rolling or brushing or spraying
• Superb flow control, rapid drying and non-drip

Application Data

- Brush, roller or spray

Theoratical Coverage
- >10m2 / litre depending on application method and film thickness

- Water (prefer deionised water)

Direction Of Use
1. Stir the paint well until homogenous.
2. Dilute with 5-10% water if necessary for brushing and rolling; but dilute with 30-40% for spraying.
3. Ensure painting surfaces are free from dirt, rust, grease and other contaminants.
4. Apply 1-2 coats for optimum performance.

Drying Time

• Surface dry : 25 mins
• Touch dry : 2 hours
• Hard dry : 8 hours


Overcoating Time
• 1 hour or above depends on film thickness.

• Wash with water


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