Nicora Elixer


Nicora Elixer

At Elixer, we have developed revolutionary products that allow our clients to coat a huge range of surfaces and materials with a solid veneer of cold spray metal, our specialist area being bespoke metallic finishes to give the appearance and feel of solid metal.

We are recommended Elixer is such a best solution to replace the Powder Coat Technology in protection of the metal in today's present. This extremely metal coating became quickly preferred due to its strength, beauty, easy to apply without heating and versatilities.

The invention of this technology is to deliver surface decoration solutions to the diverse challenges of clients. The almost magical properties are to have it finishes in a manner totally unique to you.


Suitable as solution replacing Powder Coat technology for decoration and protection of surfaces such as metal fixtures, aluminium, cement, wood, advertising materials, PVC, paper, sculpture, statue, art & craft, ceramic, plaster, fiberglass, polystyrene, wall, stones and clay. This extremely NEW coating became quickly preferred due to its strength, beauty, easy to apply without heating and versatilities.
  • Superior final hardness
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Tough, durable and versatilities
  • Attractive metallic look of outstanding
  • Good resistance to scratch and abrasion
  • Easy to spray to cover wider coverage areas
  • Not necessary to apply overcoat and no heating required
  • Different spray gun types tend to have unique artworks
  • Attractive colours when spray on different colours of base coat

Application Data

- Air spray

Theoratical Coverage
- >12m2 / litre depending on application method and film thickness

- Xylene or butyl acetate

Drying Time

• Surface dry : 30 mins
• Touch dry : 60 mins
• Hard dry : 24 hours


Overcoating Time
• Not required.

• Wash with xylene or butyl acetate.

Direction Of Use


Direction Of Use

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean.
  2. Apply primer / undercoat.
  3. Spray gloss paint and leave it to dry.
  4. Use 1.5mm Gravity spray gun type.
  5. Stir the paint well until homogenous.
  6. Mix Part A and Part B at mixing ratio of 1.1/0.9.
  7. Pot life for mixture is 3 hours.
  8. No dilution is required.
  9. Press the gun and turn the pressure knob anti-clockwise to set a low pressure.
  10. Apply the paint with different spray gun pressure according to your design. 1-2 coats are recommended. Not necessary to apply overcoat.


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